Friday, December 12, 2008

The spirit of Christmas!

I absolutely love the holiday season! I always have these grand ideas of how we will decorate the house. With the hectic life we live, usually I have to settle for a few lights on the house, a decorated Christmas tree, and maybe a few decorations. Tuesday night, I drug the tree down from the attic and the kids helped me decorate it. Mallory was pretty exhausted from school, so she didn't stick around long. Matt & Hannah had a lot of fun with the Santa hat's and stockings.

Lil' Miss Attitude!

Hannah has this scratch on her face that will not heal because she constantly picks at it. The other day I placed a Band-Aid on it and got her ready for daycare. I just had to get a picture of her before we left. She was less than pleased this morning and it shows!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Matt's Birthday

Matthew's birthday was on December 2nd. We spent Thanksgiving Day with the Frese side of the family. Matt got some pretty cool toys that any 6 year old would love.

We celebrated with the Walter side of the family on November 30th. Matthew helped bake his cake and frosted it himself. He was pretty proud of his creation.

We decided to surprise Matt with his birthday present at the Walter party. We hauled the bike to Washington without him knowing and presented it to him after cake. His response was "Cool. I wanted that."

Black Friday

Well, Mallory and I were part of the craziness of Black Friday. We headed to Salina that morning to see what deals we could find. We didn't find much for Christmas, but we did find these letters at Hobby Lobby for Mallory's bedroom wall. They were $1 a piece. She loves having her name on her wall, the only problem is she likes to spell it loudly in the morning when she wakes up.

A place to work.

Teaching a child like Mallory takes some creative measures on her teacher's part. Here is Mallory's work space at school. It allows for her to focus on her school work without distraction.

Mal's Bike

I know that I promised this picture weeks ago, but here is a picture of Mal's Bike. She thoroughly enjoys it.


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