Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Final Ride

The weather has turned cold, which means that Mallory is done with therapeutic riding for the year. I have to admit the weekly drive does get old. My attitude changes though, when I see her get on that horse. Horse riding is her thing. She loves it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Those crazy Frese girls.

I went back home to A.V. for Old Settler's Day.
It was a great day. Lot's of family.
The typical Frese volleyball team playing youngster's young enough to be our children or that we remember babysitting.
It's a wonder that none of us have broken any bones.

Our new feat for this year.
Hay Bale Tossing.

Yes, those old farm girl roots came through.

My aunt Lori, my sister Amber, and I- participated in a Hay Bale Tossing contest. It consisted of tossing a hay bale up onto a pallet.

The contest started at 5 feet. Piece of cake.

At 6 feet? Not too bad.

7 feet? Wow, did I really just toss that bale up there?

8 feet? Holy smokes! That kicked my ___.

I was pretty sore the next day but proud to say I was the Hay Bale Tossing Queen!
Every girl deserves her day of glory, even if it is a little redneck!


Todd has had the pleasure of volunteering with the Abilene Smoky Valley Railroad- ASVRR. This year in addition to helping with the excursion train, Todd also got to assist with the Steam Engine.


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