Friday, February 27, 2009

Under the Big Top

We spent last weekend in Topeka at the circus. My mom buys tickets for her mom, her kids, and her grandkids every year. They were really excited about going this year. Hannah talked for days about going to the circus. She didn't know what to think of the clowns.

Matt with his lighted sword.

Hannah thoroughly enjoying cotton candy.

Mallory stayed camped out on her grandma's lap.

After the circus, the entire family headed to the Texas Roadhouse. With the addition of Pepe's family, we had a party of 25. Needless to say it took a while to get seated. It was worth the wait because the food was delicious.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Mallory goes to see the developmental pediatrician tomorrow. She has been on a trial of meds for ADHD and it hasn't worked as well as we would like. We will be discussing some other options with the doctor.
Our friends, the Becker's, are in need of prayers. You can check out the link to Steph's blog it is listed on this page under My Blog List.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is velopharyngeal insufficiency?

Velopharyngeal insufficiency is a disorder resulting in the improper closing of the velopharyngeal sphincter (soft palate muscle in the mouth) during speech, allowing air to escape through the nose instead of the mouth. During speech, the velopharyngeal sphincter must close off the nose to properly pronounce strong consonants such as "p," "b," "g," "t" and "d." To close off the nose from the mouth during speech, several structures come together to achieve velopharyngeal closure. These include the velum (soft palate or roof of the mouth), the lateral pharyngeal walls (side walls of the throat) and the posterior pharyngeal wall (the back wall of the throat). If the velopharynx is not closed, snort sounds may be produced through the nose. Improper function of this structure also produces a nasal tone in the voice. Surgery can consist of doing a sphincter pharyngoplasty, where the surgeon moves tissue from the back of the throat closer to the back of the palate. Most times this surgery is recommended when the surgeon decides that the palate is working as well as it can, but the back of the throat isn't moving correctly.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Terrific News!

Most of you know that Mallory was diagnosed with velopharyngeal insufficiency which affects her speech. We received that news when we made the trip to NIH for the Smith-Magenis research study 3 years ago. We made contact with a surgeon at Children's Mercy Hospital and started taking the steps towards surgery. It has been a long, sometimes frustrating, process. Today, I received the call from the surgery clinic and Mallory is scheduled for surgery on April 28th. Who would've thought that today (Friday the 13th) would be such a lucky day for our household!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


My sister, Brandy, had her 6 month check with the neurosurgeon. He gave her a clean bill of health. She doesn't have to follow up with him unless problems develop. Prayers have been answered.

Be Mine.

Matthew worked very hard on his valentines tonight. He is very excited to give them to his classmates and teachers.
It cracks me up to watch Matthew write. He's my lefty and loves to do crazy things with his tongue while he writes. He used a list that his teacher sent home and followed it to make all of his valentines.

Hannah's Haircut

Hannah's hair has grown very long in the last year. It's hard to believe that she's only two and has this much hair. The unfortunate thing is that her hair was getting unmanageable, she hated to have it washed, and would fight when ever it needed to be combed. Todd and I made the decision this week to cut Hannah's hair. We ended cutting about 5 inches off.

Hannah did a great job of sitting and holding still. Our friend, Gina, is the one who cuts Mallory and Hannah's hair. She does a great job and is extremely patient.

Needless to say, the haircut went fine. It was probably more traumatic for her mother than anything. Her new "do" makes her look less like a toddler and more like a little girl.

Monday, February 2, 2009

From another planet.......

Matthew has been learning all of the planets in our solar system. For Christmas, he received these glow-in-the-dark planets. I suspended them from the ceiling the other day with the help of my three children and dog.

Walk the Dog

Mallory loves to walk the dog, however on this particular afternoon they had differences in opinion.


Hannah has hit a major growth spurt. She is growing out of clothes quickly. Her language has just blossomed. She loves to dance. We've also started the process of growing her bangs out. They are finally to a stage where they are not always in her face.

Afternoon at the Park

Saturday was a beautiful day! The kids and I met up with some friends at the park. We were there for hours. I took the dog along and she had fun chasing the kids.
Matt & Casen

Mallory, Macy, & Hannah


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