Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swim Lessons

The kids have been busy with swimming lessons this summer.
I am adamant that my kids learn to swim.
Probably because I am not a swimmer.

Hannah passed Level 2 and has taken off this summer with her independence.  She is definately not the clingy, spastic child that she was last year in the pool.

Hannah has went from going down the slide, to jumping off the low dive, to jumping off the high dive in a matter of weeks.

Matthew passed Level 4 and move on to Level 5.  His instructor said he is able to do all the skills of Level 5 but that he needs to work on endurance.  Great job! 

Matthew is very independent in the pool.
In fact, I hardly see him after we get there.
He swims with friends and spends time going off the diving boards.  This kid is growing up too fast!

Here's my proof.
My baby going off the high dive.

Two weeks of running kids to lessons can get crazy and hectic but it's great watching them excel and become comfortable in the water.

Crazy kids!
Matthew, Hannah, and Casen.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake Wabaunsee

We headed to Lake Wabaunsee with my parents yesterday.
We wanted to try their kayak out.
We had a great time.

I can't remember ever taking Hannah to a lake.
Sad, I know.  She had so much fun.

I think that Hannah and Matt loved playing in the sand the most.

Horse Love.

Hannah's favorite thing!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Water Balloons.

We beat the summer heat at the farm
with a sling shot and water balloons.

Hannah & Sydney spent a great deal of time perfecting their shot.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Frese Farm Fourth of July

The Frese's have done it again.  Over 60 in attendance at our annual Fourth of July gathering. 

It was HOT and DRY.
A little bummed that only ground fireworks could be shot off.
But what a fire risk to shoot aerials?!? 
 Who would want to risk that?!?

We Frese's are a creative bunch though.
It was an enjoyable day spent with family and friends.
Cole cooling off.

Brandy & Pepe's new ride.
We will omit the story of me breaking their new toy.  Yikes!

Hannah brought her friend, Sydney.
They had a great time hanging out at the farm.

Mallory eagerly awaiting a 4-wheeler ride.

Boys + Fireworks.  Need I say more?

Matt waiting his turn to shoot more fireworks.

Cole and his tongue trick.

Brogan making his "Grumpy Grandpa Face"

Hannah and Sydney.
Such goofy girls.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Ball Season.

Hannah's ball season is now over.  She really enjoyed her team and coaches.  She loved hitting the ball and sliding into home.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Fourth.

We spent our Fourth of July at home.
It was a nice relaxing day.
We grilled for both lunch and supper.  I took the kids to the pool.
We finished our day lighting fireworks.

Matthew has become quite the pyromaniac.
But only on the Fourth.

So has his sister.

Hannah kept wanting to get both hands in there when lighting fireworks.

She ended up soaking her hand in a bucket of water after getting a little too close.

It wasn't long and she was back to lighting them up again.

She moved a lot quicker this time.

Mallory was content on the porch with her Dad's Kindle and headphones. As long as she could muffle out all the popping and snapping of fireworks, she was fine.

Dot, however, was a nervous wreck.

We spent some time shooting fireworks
off the levy near our house

When we shopped for fireworks this week, Mallory just had to buy one.  This is what she chose-  Poopy Puppy.  Go figure.

Matt and Hannah laughed and squealed when we lit this one.  They thought that it was hilarious that there Big Sister chose a puppy that poops fire.

We spent some time shooting more of our arsenal
As the night grew dark, we headed with all of our neighbors to a prime spot on the levy in our neighborhood.  From there, you have the best view of the city fireworks display. 


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