Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hannah & her cousins

Hannah had a great time hanging with her cousin, Ryan, at Christmas. Ryan is a freshman in college so we were excited to have him come spend the day with us in Abilene.

Hannah also had a great time with her cousin Shelby Jo (or as Hannah calls her- Toby-Do). Shelby did a great job of keeping Hannah busy.

Walter Christmas

Todd and I had the crazy idea to host the Walter Family Christmas here in Abilene. Although our house is small, we managed to fit 16 people in our house. We had a great time! The only thing missing was Todd's brother Kevin and his family from Virginia Beach.


Brenna & Colton

Connor & Pat

Ryan, Todd, Shelby, Hannah, & Matt

The Linenberger's

Mallory's New Companion

Mallory loves having a dog. Sometimes a little too much. She tends to be very possessive. These however are the moments that we truly appreciate. The dog tends to calm Mallory when she gets upset. And they can often be found sleeping together.

Christmas Morning

We spent Christmas morning at home, then headed to my parents house in Alta Vista to spend the rest of the day. We had a wonderful time!

Christmas Eve Surprise!

Christmas Eve, we made the trip to Longford to look at a Jack Russell Terrier for the kids. We fell in love with her and decided to bring her home. She is 7 weeks old and house-trained. She's a very active dog and loves to play. But, she also likes to perch on any lap and lounge while we watch TV. We were concerned about her whining or barking through the night, but she usually settles in about 5-10 minutes and sleeps till Mallory gets up.


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