Monday, February 15, 2010

The Longest Day.

Matthew stayed home sick from school.

He had been sick over the weekend and wasn't quite 100% by this morning. I had him stay home with me.

We spent the morning getting household chores done, ate lunch, and then we debated what to do for the afternoon. We threw some pillows on the floor, broke out the laptop, and watched videos on YouTube.

Whales, Trains, Dinosaurs, you name it- we watched it.

At the end of the afternoon, when it came time to go pick up his sisters, Matthew told me "Mom, it's been a good day but a long one."

I replied, "What made your day so long?"

Matthew promptly replied " God took the day and stretched it out and held it there so that we could have the most time to hang out."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nurse Hannah

My rough and tumble, brute of a girl really does have a soft side. That is, when she is not dragging the dog off for a walk or making mud pies in the yard. We have found that if someone (anyone) is sick or injured, Hannah is the first one to step up and take care of business. She can be the sweetest, most nurturing child. Quite possibly a future doctor or nurse, that is if her mother has her way. :)


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